Can Men And Women Be Friends If They’re Attracted To Each Other?

Can Men And Women Be Friends If They’re Attracted To Each Other?

If you follow my blog, you already know that im a straight shooter who sometimes says things that rub people the wrong way. My intention is pure and I genuinely want to help guys out, so if I come across as harsh sometimes and it hurts your feelings i’d like to start off by saying…..fu*k you very much for following my blog 🙂

Ok, now that we got that out the way, lets talk about why some men feel the need to be a women’s friend even though it’s clear that nothing more is going to come out of that so called friendship.

When a woman tells you she just wants to be friends, it’s generally not the kind of friends you’re dreaming of in your head….you know, the friend with benefits thing. When a female says that to you, she’s basically telling you that she wants to use you for something without ever giving it up bro.

The funny thing is some men just don’t give a damn. They foolishly believe that if they hang in there, getting used by the female….she may one day realize how cool of a guy he is, and will happily give herself to him. This is a foolish game to play my brothers and i cover some of the reasons why it is in the video bellow.

This video will give you insight into why its a bad idea and it will also give you the TWO golden reasons why you could entertain the thought of being friends with an attractive girl. These reasons may shock you….