Fuck The Silly Bitches Trying To Get Your Attention…Choose The Right Woman For You

Fuck The Silly Bitches Trying To Get Your Attention…Choose The Right Woman For You

Guys, if you’re still a beginner in this wonderful dating game I strongly recommend ignoring this post and focusing on approaching as many girls as possible because this info wont help you just yet. This post is for the more advanced or intermediate guys in the game but you can use this info for future reference AFTER you start getting multiple women on your team. If you are still struggling to get girls, please IGNORE this for now and refer to it later because it will hurt your game.

OK, now that we got that out the way Im gonna tell you an interesting story that happened to me tonight. I was just at the club doing what I do as always. My reputation as a player proceeds me so I don’t need to approach as many girls as I used to because everyone know who i am and what Im about….lol.

Anyways, I was outside my favorite club just taking a cool smoke break refreshing my nerves for the night and group of hot chicks came close by me as they stood in the line up to get in the club. I got a sense that these chicks knew who i was and they were gonna make my life hard to meet them so I decied to just chill and enjoy my smoke while checking out the other women walking by outside the club then craziest thing happened.

Some random angry dude that was clearly feeling them came by the spot trying to get his mack on. I was totally cool with him doing his thing because I wasnt even talking to the girls but it became clear that he had no game when he started trying to holla at the chicks. This was evident because very sentence or two that came out of his mouth had nothing to do with sealing the deal with the girls….it was all directed to me in a negative way because im assuming he was scared that i was gonna scoop up the bitches or something…lol.

Anyways, me being the cool player that i am, i let him do his thing with the ladies for about 5 mins without a word coming out my mouth because if the girls were feeling him, Im totally cool with them going. I dont like to chase uncooperative women no more (even though I’ve gotten laid doing it from time to time). I just dont have the desire to exsert my positive energy in women that arnt about the things I like right from the gate any more. I honestly feel like if a girl is doing little things i don’t like right from the gate…I just don’t care because i know i can meet other girls on the drop of a dime. Think it might be a side effect of having too many options with women or some shit…who knows lol.

Anyhow, after those 5 mins or so went by I got a little frustrated with the dude’s weak game and the despate attempts from the girls he was talking to, trying to get my attention in a negative way so I started defending myself by responding to his weak attacks. Turns out he was not equipt for the tight game i possess and he stated trying to get violent with me because the more he tried to tool me, the sillier he looked to the bitches he was trying to impress…lol.

And then to make matters worst those dumb little bitches kept egging him on to try and destroy me for no apparent reason. I think it was their deranged way of trying to flirt with me but i honestly dont like drama in my life so by them doing that, I got really turned off with their ghetto behavior so my heart turned cold. I ended up verbally destroying the guy in a verbal, intelligent… non violent way that ended up making the girls run from him faster than the speed of light.

It was sad watching this happen to him because he was so invested in the girls but it was clear to me that these little girls were more interested in me than him. They were just trying to get my attention in the wrong way and for that reason, I gladly dismissed them.

Now I know this is not the typical advice you would expect to hear from a guy like me, but like I said in the beginning of this post….this advice is for the more advanced or intermediate players. If a girl is doing sh*t that you dont like from the first time you meet her….don’t be afraid to let her go. Focus on finding the type of women that you want in your life instead.