The Crocodile Tears Of Feminists Never Cease To Amaze

The Crocodile Tears Of Feminists Never Cease To Amaze

The crocodile tears of feminists never cease to amaze. This is the second time ive had something like happen and i still find it bizarre. On my way home last night, I met a cute chick who turned out to be a super feminist (very rear for these types to be cute). I wasn’t interested in having a political conversation with her….just fun convo as I lead her to my place so we can enjoy each others company. Then this bitch dropped the bomb on me outside my apartment building.

She asked me if I was a feminist and I politely told her no and tried to change the topic of the convo back to something fun again. She resisted and starting telling me all types of bullshit reasons as to why men should become male feminists. If I was a thirsty dude, I could have just told her what she wanted to hear…just to get laid, but my integrity couldn’t allow it.

Then from NOWHERE this chick starts crying coz I refused to join her feminist case. Seriously…tears where rolling down her face coz I don’t believe in being a male feminist. Fucken unbelievable!

I stood there in shock not knowing what to do and just like a light switch, the chick changes her demeanor within a split second, laughs and says “you’ve never seen this before have you” as she stoked my arm…and moving in closer to me.

This confused me coz my dick was so hard for her when she started moving up on me but my intuition was telling me run away as fast as you can coz she’s displaying unstable SJW/feminist behavior. Thank God I didn’t let her in my apartment coz who knows what women like that are capable of. And no…I will not be calling this crazy broad.