How Can Dealing With Rejection From Women Be Fun You Wonder?

How Can Dealing With Rejection From Women Be Fun You Wonder?

Most guys are absolutely terrified of getting rejected by random girls they just met. I believe one of the reasons they are so afraid lies in the fact the we hate making ourselves look stupid in from girls as men. But what if i was tell you this same fear could actually be one of your best allies in the game?

I mean, since you know that most most guys are afraid of approaching random women, couldn’t you actually use this as a unique selling proposition for you when interacting with women? The odds of success will be greatly stacked in your favor because most guys will never have the balls to do what we do around chicks 🙂

Thats the way I personally look at rejection. Keep in mind, I don’t approach EVERY girl in sight with the sole purpose of getting with her, but whenever I do get rejected….it doesn’t really phase me because it’s just part of the game. It’s all just a matter of perspective when looking at girls that reject you. She could just be having a bad day, maybe she’s a lesbian, or she might not find you attractive. Whatever her reasons are, these are things that are TOTALLY out of your control and you shouldn’t even bother concerning yourself with her petty little reasons.

Dealing with rejection is just part of game so you might as well choose to make the process fun for yourself because at the end of the day, making progress with women should be your end goal when chatting with these chicks. Don’t be afraid of rejection….embrace it and keep making things fun for yourself in the game. Here’s a hidden cam video showing one of the fun little things I like do when i get rejected by some girl sometimes.

Notice how i just roll it off and try to keep myself in good mood so im ready to make something happen with the next hot chick i feel like talking to. It’s a habit that i picked up along the path of getting good with girls because I no matter how good you get, you will find yourself getting rejected by chicks from time to time. It’s actually no big deal if you think about, considering the number of girls you’ll end up banging compared to the average joe that’s scared of making a move on girls that he’s really attracted to.

In addition to the ides im sharing on this post, I encourage you to listen to this video I recorded in regards to trying to avoid rejection and getting a connection with girls. This will give you a real life perspective on the game and how to deal with rejection.