Dear Haters, I Have So Much More For You To Be Mad At. Be Patient

Dear Haters, I Have So Much More For You To Be Mad At. Be Patient

So Sunday night was an interesting night to say the very least. I totally wish I had my camera so you can witness the verbal bullying I had to defend myself from. Its crazy how some people you don’t even know, try their best to belittle you in an attempt to look cool in front of girls they want to get with. I strongly recommend reading my previous post on how to defend yourself from verbal attacks because i can assure you, this may be happening to you in one form or another. The key to remember is…we are NOT bullies like the attackers coming at us, we are however victims that must defend ourselves according.

Anyways, i defended myself from a few attacks at the club last night but I’ll share the two most outrageous ones so you can see how weak haters really are. One is from some bar tender dude that works in the club and the other from some 2 guys that got their buddy arrested for no real reason what so ever.

The first story was in a 7 Eleven. I went there to buy smokes because i needed a break from the cool loud music that was pumping in the club.

While in the line up minding my own business, two big dudes that were trying to chat up some girl threw a little slick comment that was directly intended to lower my value in hopes of getting the chick to laugh at me. One of dudes said to the girl “Look, Its that’s creepy guy always talking to”….and before he could finish his sentence i calmy said “No autographs man, I just want to buy my smokes” as i turned my back to see if the store clerk was ready to serve me. This totally through the guy off and had the chick laughing at them because it was clear the dude tried to attack me for no reason.

Since the guy couldn’t take a dose of his own medicine, he got angry. He clearly had no real reason to start a fight with me so he started throwing insults at me hoping Id get as emotional as he clearly was. I naturally got a little upset and said a few things back because i couldn’t allow them to bully me like this, and so they decided to wait for me outside the store while i bought my smokes.

When i got outside, the two dudes said “why don’t we go to the ally over there and talk?”….clearly implying they wanted to fight. I’m not a violent person like i was an immature kid, but believe me when i tell you i will defend myself. So instead of giving them the reaction they wanted, i simply said “hey, why don’t we talk here instead gentle man…to tell you the truth id rather be talking to girls now”. One of them replied “We like girls to”. And in a calm non sarcastic way i said “Thats awesome, lets go to the club and talk to some chicks” as i walked away, heading towards the club.

This defused the situation but as i walked away, i heard the sound of squeaking shoes coming from behind me…except it wasn’t coming from the side of the two guys i was talking to. It was coming from the opposite direction.

Turns out they had another buddy behind me that tried to through a sucker punch and missed somehow. Then the unexpected happened. Two police offers come out of no where and through the guy to the ground in handcuffs. It all happened so fast that i didn’t even know how to react. I never thought i would say this, but im really glad the police where there because im not interested in fighting anyone at the club. I just want to have fun and mix a little bit of work with pleasure from time to time 🙂 .

Anyways, the second outrageous verbal attack happened when i got back into the club after this insane interaction with these verbal bullies. Once i got in, I walked to the bar to buy a beer, and to just chill the fu*ck out because all this madness through me off balance for a few minutes. So, while at the bar i sparked a quick convo with some cute bar tender chick since she wasn’t busy at the time, simply because i needed to take a break from macking. I generally don’t mack on bar tenders that work at the clubs i frequent because you gonna have to see them all the time.

So the conversation was just on some playful…”I think i should start a fan club with all these people talking about me” type vibe. Not macking, just genially enjoying her company and joking around.

Then out of nowhere a male bartender that was behind her yells “I don’t care…you still a creep”, in the most hostile voice you can ever imagine. Now i have no idea what this guy is mad about but i got a feeling he probably likes the other bartender i was chatting with and he was trying to belittle me to build himself up in front of her. It’s either that, or he’s clearly a secret fan watching me get more girls than he does. Whatever it is, its clearly not my problem and i cant be bothered to concern myself with the thoughts of lower vibration people.

So like clockwork, i had to defend myself from this verbal bully. I was fortunately joking with the other bartender about having to many fans and him yelling….”I don’t care…you still a creep” played perfectly into the joke. So instead of getting mad like he hoped, I simply continued the joke with the lady bartender…and playfully pointed at the verbal bully before responding with “see” (as in look, another fan).

She smiled because the joke was clearly on the attacker, and he responded with another hostile “creep”….only this time more angrily. And i playfully responded with another “see” because he was clearly proving my point since i had done absolutely nothing to him. This enraged him more because there was clearly no response to give back since his entire “creep” premise was based on a lie, which he obviously knows….lol.

The horrified look of defeat in his eyes was funny to look at because his verbal attack backfired big time…as the bartender chick laughed at him 🙂 . I totally wish i caught all this stuff on camera man.

Anyways, if you haven’t read my post on how to defend yourself from verbal attacks l strongly recommend you do. The stuff im talking about here is to only be used for SELF DEFENSE. We are not bullies like our attackers, so don’t stoop down to their level.