Winners Ignore The Double Standards Of Dating & Live Life On Their Terms

Winners Ignore The Double Standards Of Dating & Live Life On Their Terms

Yes, we’ve all heard and seen all the double standards in the dating game which are designed to stop us from doing what we naturally want to do as men. One of my favorite ones is the one involving older men hooking up with younger chicks that are of LEGAL age. I just find some peoples’ reactions to this amusing….especially the reactions from older women 🙂

The other day i was having a convo with some chick and the topic of older men dating younger chicks came up, after we saw a guy that looked like he was in his 50’s walking with a 22ish looking hottie in his arm.

As the couple walked by us, the chick I was talking to said, “wow, what’s that old man thinking hanging out with that little girl? He’s old enough to be her father”. I silently chuckled because I could sense a little jealously coming out her because I tell she was in her early thirty’s and asked her….”whats wrong with them being together if they genuinely like other”?

She went on to say hows he’s taking advantage of her youth, yadda yadda yadda, and i quickly had to stop her because she was clearly making up a bunch of bullsh*t, trying to get me to co-sign her fu*kery like most game goofy guys would in hopes of getting sex from her.

Now don’t get me wrong, if my objective was purely to bang her that night…I probably would have found a way to make this interaction work to my advantage because she was quite co-operative. I banged a chick on my team a couple times earlier before going out, so I wasn’t in the mood for sex at the time.

However, my intention with her was to simply screen her to see if she was actually the confident, classy chick that she was presenting herself to me as, because im more focused to finding chicks like that at the moment….she failed with flying colors when she started hating on the younger chick who was with the older dude.

Anyways, the point of telling you this story is that women like her tend to have double standards when it comes to men dating younger women. You see, when they were younger and at the peak of their beauty…they had dudes bending over backwards for them. They got used to this but as time went by and the younger chicks stepped into the game, they started getting less attention from men. All hot women know this instinctively, even though they may never admit it publicly.

Now as men armed with this knowledge, how can we use it to our advantage you wonder? Watch my two videos bellow to find out how we capitalize my friends 🙂