Young Buck Goes To Jail Over Calling A Woman 100 Times…Seriously?

Young Buck Goes To Jail Over Calling A Woman 100 Times…Seriously?

So who would have guessed the rapper Young Buck is a borderline phyco simp? You’d assume his affiliation with 50 Cent and G Unit is getting him laid like crazy, but one never knows whats really going on behind the scenes.

He’s apparently going back to jail for 7 months because he called his ex-girlfriend a 100 times and him being a bitter simp, he threatend to burn the chicks’ apartment via text message. To make things worse for himself, it turns out he stormed over to his ex’s place and broke her door down. And since one of the conditions of his parole was to stay away from that woman….well, i guess he violated it.

Now i don’t mean to kick a man when he’s down, but this kind of behavior is weak as a man. We all get hurt sometimes but when a woman doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you any more….you just gotta let that pus*y go man. No piece of ass is worth losing your freedom over.

The funny thing about this dude is he’s a celebrity, meaning he should have way more options with women than the average guy. Why he would go crazy over some chick like this is way beyond comprehension. Guess some people have deep emotional problems that only show on the surface at times like these.

Don’t ever be this guy…