From Hook Up Lessons To Manhood Lessons…Lets Learn And Grow Together Gentleman

From Hook Up Lessons To Manhood Lessons…Lets Learn And Grow Together Gentleman

Lately, I’ve been having guys asking me how I make my living and why im so confident with chicks. Come to think of it, im hearing a lot of “he’s so confident” and “you’re so inspirational” lately. Those comments, and a little haterade from fruity dudes I’ve never meet in my life…that seem to be pleading for my attention, with gay ass comments like ” that guys’ a creep”…lol. Guess its the price a player pays for getting with all the women those fruit cakes dream about 🙂

Either way, all this exciting stuff has inspired me to start as an extension of what im doing with I know this is my first real post on this blog, but i just thought to give you a little background to my life and also share some in-depth details that are more important than just getting girls in a mans life.

I realize getting laid is an important aspect of manhood but there are other areas in a mans life that you might want to consider developing as well. Areas such as finances, masculinity, managing your relationships, entrepreneurship (online business is my specialty) etc. These are all different areas in a mans life that will impact the quality of life you’ll have overall.

Now I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but im starting to realize lots of men are lacking in these critical areas of their lives. So with that in mind, i thought to share some of the things i know with you guys on this blog so that you can hopefully use this stuff to benefit your own personal situation. Feel free to follow me as i add more content to this site.