How To Build Confidence To Talk To A Girl You Like

How To Build Confidence To Talk To A Girl You Like

Learning how to build confidence to talk to girls that you like is a skill anyone can acquire if you don’t have it naturally. The first step is to actually realize that you are lacking in this area, and then make a concussions decision to do something about it in real life. When it comes to picking up girls, most men have this ego that they try to protect by all means necessary….even if it’s detrimental to their growth as a man. Don’t be one of those guys.

So How Do You Build Confidence To Talk To A Girl You Like?

I strongly recommend watching this video a few times and trying to ingrain the ideas im sharing into your mind. Now with that said, im not trying to make you a carbon copy of myself….no. I want you to be a genuine version of yourself. Once you allow the real you to come out into the open, chicks will gravitate towards you because no one on the face of the planet can be exactly like you.

In the video above I broke down the fundamentals to becoming more confident around chicks that you’re interested in. Keep in mind, that the thoughts expressed in this video are 100 percent me….meaning, that’s how i really present myself to new girls that i approach. If you see real life recordings of myself picking up chicks, you will notice that i mean everything im saying in this video. No hype…no bull sh*t, just real life game that im sharing with you here. I’ve actually got a couple of them on my youtube channel but here is a hidden camera video of me picking up a chick so you can get a better understanding about the ideas im sharing with you today.