Mackin Aint Always Easy…Learn How To Defend Yourself From Verbal Attacks Before Your Opponents Win

Mackin Aint Always Easy…Learn How To Defend Yourself From Verbal Attacks Before Your Opponents Win

So recently I had been getting an alarmingly increased number of verbal attacks from strangers who I like to refer to as cheer leaders and adoring fans. At first, I didn’t know how to handle them because its weird having a complete stranger come at you for no reason what so ever. So, I decided to buy “The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defense” by Suzette Haden Elgin, to help deal with these verbal bullies.

The book was originally published in 1980 but I can assure you the tactics outlined in there still work like a charm. I haven’t finished reading it but I’ve started applying her basic rules of verbal self defense to my game.

To tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical about this book at first but im becoming a fan of Suzette Haden Elgins’ work because its helping me deal with verbal bullies accordingly. Come to think of it, the verbal attacks that were being hurled at me have started to decrease even though I’ve only just started using the basic tactics outlined in the book. Imagine how much tighter my self defense skills will get when i master the complex tactics she talks about 🙂

So Whats’ The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defense About?

First and foremost, I’ve got to say this book was written as a SELF DEFENSE tool that you can use to protect yourself against verbal attacks. However, when relating the content to game, its easy to see how this same info can be used to totally obliterate your aggressors spirit if you choose to. We are NOT bullies so we don’t attack people for no reason. We only DEFEND ourselves from people that wish to do us harm verbally. So how do you respond to verbal attacks you wonder?

The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defense has deep context that can not be explained in a single blog post so i suggest buying the book to get real understanding about the principles. I will however, share the four principles with you so you can hopefully learn something regardless of whether you choose to buy the book or not.

PRINCIPLE #1 – Know That You’re Under Attack
It’s easy to tell when someone is blatantly insulting you and im sure you have your own ways of dealing with those situations, but often times attacks are disguised. Many people go through life without realizing this, and therefore live an entire lifetime in emotional stress. Just ask women who are in verbally abusive relationships.

PRINCIPLE #2 – Know The Type Of Attack You’re Facing
Knowing the type of attack you’re facing is just as hard to identify as knowing when you’re in the midst of a disguised attack as discussed in principle #1. You need to train your brain to immediately recognize the type of attack you’re up against.

PRINCIPLE #3 – Know How To Respond To The Attack
There are different ways to respond to an attack, but you need to know the right response to an attack to make it effective. Here are the five different ways that you can respond to an attacker:
>>> Ignore the bait
>>> Respond to directly to presuppositions
>>> Ask yourself if there is truth in the attack
>>> Assume no harm is meant
>>> Inhibit your gut reaction

PRINCIPLE #4 – Know How To Follow Through
People sometimes feel bad after defending themselves from an attack, like in relationship for example. Thats totally understandable but hey, if someone is attacking you, and you defended yourself….you shouldn’t feel bad about it at all. You have a right to take care of your own well being.

For a better understanding about these principles in a business related setting you might want to watch this speech by Josepha Haden….the grand daughter of the author of this book.