How To Make Your Girl Beg For More In Bed

How To Make Your Girl Beg For More In Bed

Being in a happy relationship with the right girl for you is a good thing if she’s proven herself to be a good woman that is worth keeping around for the long term (very rare nowadays). This is a good look for most guys because generally speaking, most males only want to find one MAIN woman to keep by their side. However, after a couple months or years with the same woman, a lot of guys tend to slack off with their sex game.

They’re just happy to be having regular sex from the same chick even if it isn’t as good as it was when they first met her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if you are not a highly sexual man like I am, but I strongly suggest doing a few things to spice up your sex life before dudes like myself come along and pick up the slack for you 🙂

This video gives you a few playful ideas that you can use to keep that spark in your sex life going. When listening to this video I need you to pay close attention to how making a girl beg for more relates to both picking up random girls and how it also relates to your relationship with your main girlfriend or wife. You want to be the guy that continues keeping that sexual edge in your long term relationships as you should have been doing with your short term ones.

Now if you’ve just finished watching the video, im sure some of the stuff im talking about reminds you of how exciting the sexual side of your relationship was with your girl when you first met her. Try to keep that going with her for the long haul if you think she’s the one for you. Girls love playful sh*t like this from time to time. You shouldn’t be the one that’s always initiating sex all the time. Sometimes you gotta make her beg for it my friends 🙂