Man The Fu*k Up….Stop Being Jealous And Insecure About The Next Man, It’s A Feminine Trait

Man The Fu*k Up….Stop Being Jealous And Insecure About The Next Man, It’s A Feminine Trait

There’s 2 types of males in this world….leaders and sheep following the herd. Which of these types of males do you think you are?

The sheep are guys that love to blend in with everyone else because they think it’s safer to just go with the flow and be just like everyone else, since they view life as being too scary to any calculated risks. They feel safer doing what everyone else is doing because hey, if everyone else is doing it…it must be the right thing to do right?

Well guess what buddy….nothing can be further from the truth. Losers always lose and winners win because they’ve made a conscious decision to become leaders in their own right. Thats why the losers find themselves envying the winners. They simply chose to follow the herd, and the end result of doing this causes them to disregard learning how to stop being jealous of other people since its easier to talk sh*t about others than to actually make moves to become the person haters talk about.

So What Gives These Leaders The Right Of Passage To Become Winners You Wonder?

Well, first and foremost I gotta tell you most leaders started of just like you. Sure, their circumstances were different and they might have had a few advantages that you don’t have, but even with those things that we perceive as advantages….they had to make the conscious decision to better their lives. So knowing this to be true, Im not going to allow you to make bullsh*t excuses about why you can’t better your life as well.

The only difference between these leaders and the sheep is, they were willing to do whatever it takes to step their game up. Now when i say stepping their game up, i mean bettering their lives in areas that they find lacking. This how all winners are made gentlemen and i’ve gotta be honest and tell you it’s not an easy road to travel.

Once you start taking action to becoming a leader the sheep following the herd will take notice of you. This will often offend them because you’re actually doing things that they secretly wish they could do. So in order to make themselves feel better about their mediocre life, they get jealous and envious about what you’re doing.

This is where many up and coming winners stop taking action. The second they start getting on those harmless losers radar, they then fear standing out as a the true champion they can become. This is defining line that separates the real winners from the losers.

I know you have to drive to set up your game with women and in other areas of your life because you’re reading my cool little blog. All I want you to do is keep going forward when times get rough because I can promise you, the grass is greener on the other side if you make it through the bullsh*t.

Once you start taking your self development seriously, you’ll stop giving a fu*k about what other people are doing because you will be too busy working on yourself….accomplishing the small goals you set up for yourself along the way. You won’t have time to concern yourself with nonsense and you’ll find yourself attracting more winners in your life.

You see, success breeds more success. Once you start taking baby steps to elevate your life, other winners will generally take note of you. However, these winners energy won’t be like the sheep trying to tear you down because they know how much hard work you’re putting in, to become the man you want to become. If anything, many of them are actually supportive of other guys like them.

They don’t have the time to be jealous of you because they’ve got sh*t going on, just like you won’t have time to be jealous of them. If anything, you will actually start admiring some of the awesome qualities they have, which in turn will force you to grow as man because you’ll find other areas in your life that you’ll want to develop.

I suggest watching my video below for additional insight into learning how to stop being jealous and insecure about other people’s success. This will help you on your magnificent journey of self development.