When Internet Trolls Target You In Real Life…Learn How To Defend Yourself

When Internet Trolls Target You In Real Life…Learn How To Defend Yourself

So I’ve been getting a TON of unwanted attention from fans that apparently witness me doing what i talk about on this blog and Youtube. Im assuming it doesn’t sit well with some of them, simply because they are too lazy to step their own game up. So in an attempt to silence me and to stop me from getting more poontang, an army of trolls have banded together with the sole purpose of putting a stop to my mackin.

I’ve repeatedly heard random weirdos (feminists and SJWs) say sh*t like “ah, its that guy again….we got to put a stop to him” or “why won’t he just go away”, but my personal favorite is “I give up on this guy, he just won’t quit”….lol. Seriously, this is the type of buffoonery I have to deal with on any given night.

I’ve learned to deal with these losers accordingly because they’re lines of attack are generally all the same….meaning, they are not very creative with their insults. They just tend to parrot the same things over and over. Everything they say is a variation of these child like insults :

1 – You’re a creep
2 – Go away
3 – Nobody cares
4 – Bad attitude
5 – Bad advice

If i could get a dime for each time I’ve had to destroy these pansies, i’d be a very rich man today because I honestly find it amusing that these random strangers i don’t even know care so much about my cool little existence. If i wasn’t getting any success doing what im doing, they probably wouldn’t care so I guess it’s just the price I have to pay for being good at what I do. Anyway, here’s a cool video that gives you a few ideas about how to defend yourself from these real life trolls, when you encounter them.

I hope you never get targeted like I have because its a lot easier picking up girls without having to deal with the foolishness Im dealing with, but if you ever have to go through this remember that these are just cries from weaker people that only wish they could do what you do.

Im willing to bet if i had a traditional 9 to 5 job and if my income was totally dependent on it, I would be in serious trouble right now. SJW’s have a reputation of trying to go for a persons income if they don’t agree with what you stand for, but since im just an entrepreneur working harder and harder to sustain my self reliance…it’s safe to say i can weather the storm.