Picking Up Women Rarely Has Anything To Do With Politics By Here’s Why You Should Get Acquainted

Picking Up Women Rarely Has Anything To Do With Politics By Here’s Why You Should Get Acquainted
For everyone that has been asking me why i seem so political these days instead of just talking about picking up women as I always do, its simple.
Once you start getting good at scooping up chicks consistently, you are BOUND to catch the attention of misguided SJW’s that wish they could be as good as you are with women….without having to put in the work you did to get where you are at that point in your life (lazy motherfuckers).
Once that happens, you have one of 2 choices. Do you bow down to their bullshit demands and become a pussy ass male feminist like them, or do you give them the middle finger and keep developing yourself as man whos on his own path to success? I strongly suggest giving them the middle finger.
If you choose to bow down to them, they will either crucify you or make you their little bitch. None of those loser options sounds good to me. Thats why Im a firm believer of guys getting stronger as men, instead of bowing down to these SJW’s unless if you are BOUND to get a major win by doing so (which is hardly ever the case).
Hence the reason why I am a little political these days. You see, when SJW’s pick YOU as a target….they are not doing it to be nice. They are doing it as a political statement, meaning…they want to pressure you into getting in line with their beliefs. If you don’t go along with their program, they WILL try to do whatever it takes to make you do as they DEMAND of you.
I know it sounds weird as hell but thats just how they operate. The best way to counter their attacks effectively is to be the exact OPPOSITE of who they are.
Now in-case you don’t know…SJW’s are typically radical leftists like Antifa but the people on the far right can also be considered SJW’s to (the racist Alt-Right type mother fuckers). Anyone who takes things too far by trying to impose their will or beliefs on others is basically what I would consider a SJW in my personal opinion.
Anyways, the reason why im getting more involved with politics is because you need to know what your enemy is thinking. These SJW’s attack you for political reasons and if you don’t know what they are, you will find yourself at a great disadvantage. The more you know about your enemy, the better off you will be at defending yourself. Thats why I bring politics up in my blog posts and videos. I want to prepare you guys for the bullshit before it hits you….which I honestly hope it doesn’t by the way.
I would prefer not to even talk about politics but we are unfortunately living at a time where just about everything we do is.