When Advocates Of Street Harassment Hysteria Become Harassers Themselves

When Advocates Of Street Harassment Hysteria Become Harassers Themselves

And so the pussyfication of men continues….

This morning I woke up to an interesting story about a Vancouver based pick up artist named Jan Haung (http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/jan-huang-pick-up-artist-ubc). He was apparently just chilling at some university campus doing his own thing and some lonely females in a little feminist Facebook group banded together, and tried to get him kicked off campus for no logical reason what so ever. OK, I lie…their logic was basically “hey, we know who he is and what he stands for, lets harass him and get him kicked out because we don’t like him.” Retarded? Yes, I think it is….

Now I know you may be thinking, “Hillz…isn’t your opinion a little biased since you are a pick up artist yourself?”

Well my honest answer to that question is no, not really. You See first and foremost, I’m not really a pick up artist to begin with because i don’t do much of that cool technical PUA stuff to get with chicks. Im more of just a player, or just a man interested in non commited relationships, enjoying the company of co-operative women that I actually love being around, until the day i decide to commit to one girl…if that day ever comes that is.

And by the way, when I use the word player im talking about being a man that’s thorough about who he is. Its not all about getting girls with him…even though he does get them as a bi-product of being a player in the game. A real player is just a man with integrity, that stands on his game and he’s not a manipulative guy out to dog women as most people would have you believe.

So now that we’ve got that out the way, I’d like to say, I have respect for what Jan and many other pick up artists are doing because they seem to genuinely want to help men improve their dating lives. Yea, some of their students might do dumb sh*t and get women bent out of shape but that’s just a learning curve guys through if they are not naturally good with women.

Now for the record, I’ve never tried to collect a dime for coaching students and I’ve yet to even make a penny from products, even though my first product launch site (www.HowToPickUpGirlsAtaClub.com) is getting a lot of worldwide interest for my debut release. So with that in mind, I can honestly say i don’t have an invested interest in the Vancouver dating coach arena. I do however, feel like regular guys like myself are getting harassed by little pussified white knights and the occasional ugly feminist chicks whom I have absolutely no interest in talking to.

So How Do These Advocates Of Street Harassment Hysteria Become The Agitators They Claim To Hate?

We all know that male/female relations have their little grievances and disagreements. This is perfectly fine and we should all do our best to try to alleviate the tension between the sexes. However, when blatant disrespect is being thrown into any of the partys’ faces…the debate stops and everyone goes into self defense mode.

Now I can promise you that i’ve never approached a female with the intention of agitating her. What straight guy would do this to a chick he finds attractive? There are times however, when women are just not interest in me and that’s perfectly fine because I am a strong believer of only choosing to deal with CO-OPERATIVE WOMEN ONLY. If a chick is not showing me enough interest, im gladly leaving her alone because my time is way too valuable to waste it on a random girl whose making me work too hard to get with her.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to that rule. When a girl is interested but she’s just a little shy or something, I’ll give her a little leeway and work with her. You’ll be able to spot these type of chicks quickly, after you have enough experience talking to a lot of women.

However, as your game gets tighter….you will inevitably catch the attention of white knights and manginas because success breeds envy. Thats where the blatant disrespect starts coming into play.

These little pussified males have no idea how the dating game works for various reasons that I won’t go into now, but they think the best way to get with girls is to be her knight in shining armor. So in an attempt to try to look good in front of females, they start harassing real men that are just macking on chicks respectively.

Since women are naturally followers, they tend to follow these losers lead if you don’t know how to effectively defend yourself verbally from these bullies. ( Here’s a quick post with ideas about how to combat these haters. I’ll share more more detailed material that i use in the future). This then makes the same chicks complaining about street harassment, the ones harassing the guys that they claim to hate so much if you don’t know how to handle these hostile situations.

When this first starting happening to me (coz it never has in the passed), i didn’t know what the fu*k was happening. “Are they just more simps and white knights in Vancouver, or is there something more sinister going on?” I wondered. Who knows….either way, it’s something all men need to be aware of and prepare for in this crazy dating game we all play.  Now that im more hip to these little bullsh*t attacks, im making sure to stay on the right side of the law at all times, but also defend myself when they start attacking me for no valid reason.