Things A Bitch Would Never Say – “Please Stop Throwing Money At Me”

Things A Bitch Would Never Say – “Please Stop Throwing Money At Me”

Since society has intentionally programed men to blindly believe they need to have money to get with girls, I can totally understand why women would take advantage of men that don’t know any better. Think about it from an attractive females’ point of view for a second….

Imagine if everywhere you went, you kept getting offered free stuff and favors…..EVERY FU*KING day. You could just be doing some boring every day sh*t like going to a convenience store to buy gum or something and the store clerk offers you free goodies because they like the way you look. Or you could just be having fun at some club and everyone is bending over backwards to buy you drinks. On a even more extreme level imagine being offered a life of luxury by rich folks that are desperately trying to marry you because they find you super attractive.

This is the reality these top teir girls live in and i honestly can’t blame them for taking advantage of the simps out there. If anyone is to blame, its the stupid guys that volunteer to be a bitches’ personal ATM. Guys like us on the other hand, are not about that life.

If you’ve been watching my videos and following my blog, you would know that im all about making money FOR YOURSELF and living a more fulfilled life with women because its part of being a man. However, when you start making a little money it’s easy to get sucked into the corny game most guys play out here, which is to try to buy a woman’s affection. I won’t lie….i almost got sucked into that game and the end result of that experiment was a total disaster. Never lead with money my friends.

Actually come to think of it, I found it much easier to get laid when I was dead broke because girls knew what time it was right from the gate. They would know the second we got home, that I was gonna whip my di*k out and give them the pleasure they wanted. However, when you start making a little money, the game changes a little because women sometimes try to string you along in hopes of getting things out of you.

Im not a fan of getting used by chicks for anything, hence the reason why im a little hard on females. For example, buying drinks for a random girl in the club….that’s something I tend not to do unless if im getting along with the chick and i just feel like rewarding her for good behavior. Here’s a video giving you more insight about buying drinks for girls.