What To Do About A Nagging Wife? This Guy Chose Jail Over His Wife

What To Do About A Nagging Wife? This Guy Chose Jail Over His Wife

When a man chooses to live a life behind bars over another minute with his wife, you know sh*t just got real.

I recently read an interesting news article on the Washington Post after hearing other players in the dating game talk about this. Apparently, an older gentleman named Lawrence J. Ripple, from Kansas City, got himself arrested after trying to rob a bank.

The funny thing is, he actually wasn’t interested in the money. He simply robbed the bank to get himself arrested so he can get away from his wife. Thats some deep sh*t man! But what would cause a man to act this way you wonder?

Lets take a constructive look at this gentleman first. If there’s any truth to the saying that goes “the eyes are the window to the soul”….it would be fair to say he looks like a good man thats taken serious emotional beatings from his wife over the years. Now im not saying this to be mean or cruel…just stating the obvious. Take a look for yourself

lawrence j ripple

Now I’ve never been married but I’ve been in a 8 year relationship with a young lady I used to live with, so I think i have an idea about what the marriage life is like. I don’t mean to throw shade on that ex-girlfriend, but living with her for that many years sure did open up my eyes to the good, the bad, and the ugly of marriage situations.

I believe most guys choose to settle down with chicks because they get pus*y on the regular from them. The game is tough out there for most guys so they choose to cling onto the first piece of ass that they have access to.

Now in doing so, they have to put up with the girls bullsh*t nagging….only because they want to keep tapping that ass. This is precisely the wrong reason to get married gentleman. Don’t believe me, ask the guy in the picture above!

Unfortunately, many men have fallen into this trap and they now find themselves with a nagging wife that they can’t get rid of easily. I honestly feel bad for these men because we all know they are suffering quietly and there isn’t very much they can do about the predicament.

The only positive way out is divorce if their wife isn’t willing to change and be more supportive of them. This obviously isn’t pleasant, but at the end of the day we only live once, so why the hell not live the best life you can possibly have for yourself.