Why Are People Racist To Black People & Others Of Colour When It Comes To Mackin You Wonder?

Why Are People Racist To Black People & Others Of Colour When It Comes To Mackin You Wonder?

OK, this is not another post about the racist tweet from that busted comedian chick….Amy Schumer, but I’ll touch on that topic since it’s closely related to whats on my mind.

So I was out about last Sunday night with a buddy that so happens to be black. We were just enjoying the night mackin on chicks, then we stumbled into two cute girls standing outside one of the clubs we were headed to. I quickly sparked a conversation with the girls to see if they were about that bull sh*t or not, and it turned out they were cool. The energy was right and we all seemed to be getting along.

Anyways, while all this was going on i heard a slick comment in the background which was intended for me and my buddy. I normally ignore dudes lurking in the background when im talking to chicks because they generally say a bunch of envious bull sh*t that doen’t phase me. However, in this case I couldn’t let that racist comment slide.

Here’s what the guy said to his group of 4 white friends…..”hey, look niggers at it again”. At first, I thought i heard wrong because it made absolutely no sense. Why would a random dude spit out these racial slurs at other guys, for talking to girls he didn’t even know I wondered?

Whatever his reasoning, I just didn’t give a fu*k so my verbal self defense kicked in and i totally destroyed him and pointed out how racist he was, then turned my back to him so I could continue talking to our girls like nothing just happened.

Anyways, it has been a few days after this sh*t happened and i was just wondering why people are racist towards black people when it comes to mackin on women. Could it be because they fear the size and power of our dicks, or are they just afraid we just might take all their girls and they’d have nothing left? Heaven only knows what going on in the mind of racists. Whatever it is, it’s clearly coming from a position of weakness.

Now to further show how prevalent this is in the dating game, Amy Schumer did a good job of displaying how real this is. Read her racist response to what she was asked by this level headed man bellow.

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