So I Was Asked Why Do Black Guys Like Fat White Woman The Other Day

So I Was Asked Why Do Black Guys Like Fat White Woman The Other Day

Now being a black man of game that likes women from all races, I’ve noticed a weird little trend that I find a little disturbing. If you are going out a lot, which i strongly suggest doing in order to get with the girls that you want in your life….you may have noticed a few black guys kicking it with fat chicks. This isn’t a black thing exclusively by the way, if you pay attention, you’ll notice guys of all ethnicities doing the same thing to. However, we as black guys have some kind of stereo type associated with us and fat white girls.

Anyways, getting back to the question which was “why do black guys date fat white chicks?”…i need you to first ask yourself, why you think men settle down with lack luster chicks? If you were to meet a girl that you didn’t find very attractive at first, but somehow you found yourself fu*cking her, would you continue to keep banging her?

If you were to answer this question honestly and your answer is yes, then i guess you understand why these game goofy black guys do what they do. I doubt most of them were physically attracted to the chick at first, but she kept giving him the pus*y and like a sheep headed to the slaughter they got sucked in by the girl.

Anyways, to give you more insight into why this happens, you might want to watch my video on this topic right here. I go in hard so you can get an understanding about whats happening.

In addition to what you heard in this video, i strongly suggest keeping your drive to meet quality women alive. I know sometimes it’s easier to just settle for what you have available to you but I say FU*K THAT. Tighten up your game and continue growing as man my friends.