Jhene Aiko Files for Divorce After Cheating With Big Sean…Why Wives Leave Their Husbands Case Study

Jhene Aiko Files for Divorce After Cheating With Big Sean…Why Wives Leave Their Husbands Case Study

Man, there’s a lot of interesting things going on in the news this week. It appears singer Jhene Aiko has filed for divorce from her low profile husband, Dot da Genius….only after just 11 months of marriage. One cant help but wonder where the love they supposedly shared vanished to.

Anyways, while Jhene Aiko was still married to her ex husband. She was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with Big Sean while they were on stage. This freaked a lot of their fans out because everyone knew she was married. Take a look at the image bellow to see how passionate that kiss was. (btw, Im a player myself so im not judging Big Sean since i’ve been in this situation myself and can totally relate to where he’s coming from as a man)

Jhene Aiko Kissing Big Sean
In addition to that public kiss, Jhene Aiko has been spotted flirting With rapper Big Sean on tour, and instagram has countless pics of her lusting over the guy. Its clear that she’s more interested in him than her own husband.

Now I don’t mean to throw Dot da Genius (her husband) under the bus because he seems like a cool guy, but why would any self respecting man tolerate his wife doing this with another dude….right in front of his face and for the whole world to see. This womens’ level of disrespect for her ex-husband is ridiculous man. Im willing to bet one of two things happened around the time of the kiss above:

#1 – She told her then husband that she was going to kiss Big Sean on stage in advance of the performance. This would allow her to try to play it off like it was just a publicity stunt to sell more records.

#2 – She just didn’t give a fu*k about what ex-husband thought and she did what she wanted to do anyway. I honestly think this was the case because i doubt her husband would have been OK with this. The only way he would have been cool with that is if he was a cuckold and if he was, im sorry to say its one of the reasons why wives leave their husbands. You can read my post here to find out why i say this.

Now in regards to the other reasons why women leave their husbands for another man, I strongly recommend listing to this radio show by Tariq Nasheed. Start listening from the 6:40 mark because the first few minutes are not related to what we are talking about here.