Winners Win By Breathing Into Their Balls And Following Their Hearts

Winners Win By Breathing Into Their Balls And Following Their Hearts

Most guys get into the game to get laid as much as humanly possible and I totally understand why. It’s in our DNA to enjoy the company of multiple women and im all for guys doing what has to be done to get your sex life handled. The poon is good and I strongly suggest enjoying the company of as many women as your heart desires. However, for me the game has become deeper than just having sex with hot chicks all the time. The sex is great, but the man that I am becoming in the process is even greater.

Through my little run in with my little SJW foes and the misguided feminist women who dislike what I stand for…Im starting to learn more about myself through gaming chicks in the field 24/7. Im starting to realize that even though I have an entire MOB of deranged dumb asses hounding me…trying to stop me from just having fun with beautiful women who want to be with me. My character is actually getting stronger through dealing with the adversity. Most guys would probably quit the game and try to please the insatiable appetite for control that these crazy people have but im finding that the more I stand up to this insane mob of crazy people….the stronger my courage is getting.

I think one of main reasons why I am able to do this is because I have totally accepted that I am different in my own unique way and no matter what I do…some people are going to hate me for just being the man that I am. This isĀ  actually something that I encourage you to do for yourself because without a thick skin…you will not last long in this game. Regardless of whether your intentions are only just to get laid by as many women as possible or if you choose to walk the entrepreneurial path in the future…the lesson that im teaching here relates to both circumstances.

When you choose to create a path that is unique to you…you will attract a lot of unwanted attention from people that want you to be a loser just like them. At first you might hate this attention but as time goes by, you will begin to realize that it is almost inevitable that these people will be drawn to you. That’s when you will be forced to either grow as man or cave in to the bullshit pressure around you. I strongly recommend growing as man because it opens up so many other doors of opportunity for me in the process.

The video bellow is very useful in getting a clearer understanding about becoming a better man who breathes into his balls and follows his heart. Its a motivational video that I strongly recommend watching.