If A Woman Is Acting Like A Bitch For No Reason, Treat Her Like One

If A Woman Is Acting Like A Bitch For No Reason, Treat Her Like One

As guys, we are generally raised to be nice and accommodating to all women because they are supposedly delicate little princesses that need to be showered with love and admiration at all times. Society brain washes us into thinking that this is how women are, but if you’ve been in the game for long enough you know that train of thought is absolutely full of shit. Women are sometimes manipulative, deceitful, and outright disrespectful towards men who don’t know any better. Its in their nature so you cant be mad at them for it. You just have to accept women for what they are and know how to deal with them instead of being bitter because it won’t get you laid my friends 🙂 .

So now that we’ve established the basics regarding the nature of women, you might be wondering how to deal with them. I strongly believe you should only treat women nice when they DESERVE IT. A woman has to earn your affection, and you should not give it to every female….just because she has a p*ssy that that you want to bang. Now I know this sounds counter intuitive to getting laid but trust me fellas, this mentality gets you results….and more importantly, it helps you preserve your self respect as man. To help you ingrain this mentality into your brain, I’ll tell you a quick story about what happened to me the other night and how these same principles im sharing relate into real life situations.

I was recently hanging out at the club and hitting on girls as usual. Then I came across this cute blonde chick that was cooperating big time. We did some serious sexual dancing and made out on the dance floor for a while, then I told her to come outside with me for a smoke so we can chat (bullshit excuse to get her ready to leave the club with me by the way). She agreed, and on the way out of the club some thirsty dude tried to get her attention and steal her from me. Now being the player that i am, I believe I have no competition and if she really wants to be with me she will act accordingly and ignore the guy. However, to my surprise she started talking to the guy and had the audacity to tell me to wait outside for 5 minutes.

I didnt like that so i checked her immediately and told her her bullshit wasn’t going to fly with me so she better behave herself the next time she sees me because I don’t like disrespectful women. I actually really meant that statement as I walked away ready to meet other chicks outside the club. However, she rushed back to me so i took it as a sign that she wants to get with the program. I was genuinely going to leave her ass right there but I thought to give her a second chance because she probably didn’t understand that she was in the presence of player whose not putting up with bullshit from her.

We then chat for a few minutes and i suggested going to another cool bar that i know which is conveniently one block away from my house 🙂 . She agreed and we strolled down to the bar. I was only interested in getting one drink and taking her straight home for hot sex because she was down to fuck. Anyways, when we got in the bar…I bumped into a regular that i see often. I introduced him to her and she started latching onto the guy. He’s an older gentlemen in his 60s or 70s so this made absolutely no sense to me unless if she was an escort or she was just trying to test me again after I checked her about that bullshit at the club earlier.

Whatever the reason, I just didnt care any more because this clearly told me that she’s a bitch that does not listen to her man. And to add insult to injury I suggested we go outside for a smoke and she told me to wait 15 minutes as she talked to the older gentleman about politics. Basically boring bullshit that clearly wasnt getting her pussy wet.

Now in this given situation, I had two choices….either put up with her bullshit and have a quick one night stand or cancel her ass right away so I can find more cooperative girls. I chose to cancel her because it was only 1:30AM and the club closes at 3:00AM. Im sure she’s probably never met a guy like me because once I decided to ditch her….I politely told the older gentleman to have fun and enjoy her company and I told her how it was a pleasure meeting her but i had to go back to the club. The look on her face was classic because I could tell she wanted me but she just wanted to make me jealous talking to the other dude. I couldnt compromise my integrity by letting her actions go unpunished so it felt good destroying her.

The funny thing is the next day I bumped into the older gentleman again and the bar manger. They both told me how she ran outside looking for me after I left. Apparently that has never happened to her and I hope she learns a lesson from that experience….hahahaha